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What's new in USEARCH v11

See also
What's new in version 10

New features
  Machine learning
  Improved cross-talk detection
  Novel alpha diversity metrics
  Octave plots for visualizing alpha diversity
  Statistical significance of diversity differences between groups
  Cross-validation by identity (CVI)

New commands
  calc_lcr_probs  Calculate lowest common rank probabilities
  cluster_tree  Construct clusters from tree using distance cutoff
  distmx_split_identity  Split distance matrix into test/training pair for CVI
  fastx_syncpairs  Sort forward and reverse reads into the same order
  fastx_trim_primer  Remove primer-binding sequence from FASTx file
  forest_classify   Classify data using random forest
  forest_train  Train random forest classifier
  nbc_tax   Predict taxonomy using RDP Naive Bayesian Classifier algorithm
  otutab_binary   Convert OTU table with counts to presence(1) / absence(0)
  otutab_forest_classify   Classify samples using random forest
  otutab_core   Identify core microbiome in OTU table
  otutab_forest_train  Train random forest classifier on OTU table
  otutab_otus   Extract OTU labels from OTU table
  otutab_rare  Sub-sample OTU table to same number of reads per sample
  otutab_samples  Extract sample labels from OTU table
  otutab_select   Identify OTUs which are informative (correlate with metadata)
  otutab_xtalk   Identify cross-talk using improved algorithm (UNCROSS2)
  search_pcr2   In-silico PCR, search for matches to primer pair
  subtree   Extracts subtree under given node
  tabbed2otutab   Convert read mapping file (read+OTU) to OTU table
  tree_subset   Extract subset of tree for given set of leaf labels