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GG97 database download

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closed_ref command
  Closed-reference OTU assignent

GG97 is my name for the default closed-reference database used by QIIME. It is a subset of the Greengenes database (DeSantis et al. 2006) clustered at 97% identity. The filename in QIIME is 97_otus.fasta. I am posting it here because to the best of my knowledge it is not directly available for download; the only way to get it is to install and run the QIIME virtual box.

Download gg97_v13.8.tar.gz (29Mb)

It is not clear to me which license applies. It is not included in the QIIME github repository as far as I can tell. According to the Greengenes download page (accessed 19 May 2017), the Greengenes Database
by The Greengenes Database Consortium is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. However, the version (13.8) in the QIIME virtual box is not available from the Greengenes download page at the time of writing (the latest version there is 13.5). The QIIME source code is licensed under GPL2.

DeSantis, T.Z. et al., 2006. Greengenes, a chimera-checked 16S rRNA gene database and workbench compatible with ARB. AEM 72(7), pp.5069-72.