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Business partnerships
Could I help your start-up? I'm seeking opportunites to leverage my unique combination of business experience and scientific skills. If you have a good plan and are willing to offer equity share, then I'll help you develop your business and share the risk and rewards with you.
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Bioinformatics consulting
Consulting services are provided to academic and commercial clients on an hourly paid or fixed price basis for well-defined deliverables. Rates are negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

Academic collaboration
I donate my time to collaborations with academic scientists on selected projects. Work that is of exceptional scientific value and / or which directly helps people is preferred. Developing a cure for cancer would be ideal, but extending USEARCH with features that might be widely used is also good.

16S data analysis
I can analyze your 16S (18S, ITS...) data. I am one of the world's leading experts on computational methods for SSU metagenomics and ecology. My algorithms for chimera filtering and OTU clustering are used by high-profile science such as the Human Microbiome Project and are integral to standard procedures for QIIME, mothur and other metagenomics pipelines. But these packages tend to lag behind the state of the art because it takes time to integrate new advances. I can apply the best methods to your samples.

Algorithm development
Challenging computational biology problem to solve? Maybe I can help--let's discuss.

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