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makeudb_sintax Create database index for sintax
makeudb_ublast Create database index for ublast
makeudb_usearch Create database index for usearch_global and uchime
orient Orient nt sequences to the same strand as a database
search_exact Search for full-length identical database sequences
search_global Search database (global alignments, no index)
search_local Search database (local alignments, no index)
search_oligodb Find matches to short nt sequences e.g. primers
search_pcr Search for amplicons (matches to primer pairs)
search_peptidedb Find matches to short a.a. sequences e.g. peptides
search_phix Screen input for matches to PhiX genome
ublast Fast database search (local alignment similar to BLAST)
udb2fasta Extract sequences from UDB file
udbinfo Report index parameters used to make UDB file
usearch_global Fast database search (indexed, global alignment)
usearch_local Fast database search (indexed, local alignment)